You can apply and save filters in any of the management sections (Inventory, Schedule, Inspection, Maintenance). Saving a frequently used filter allows you to access it quickly in the future.


1. Use the Filter row and/or the Advanced Filter section to filter the data. (link to respective how-to pages). For this example, we are going to filter based on state-owned bridges that are in poor condition.

2. Click on the Save icon below the Filter button.

3. Enter a name for the filter that you want to save. You can check the Is Global? box to save the filter for all inspectX users. If you want to save the filter privately, leave the box unchecked.


4. Click on the Save Filter button. 



5. To clear the applied filters, click on the Clear Filter button beside the Save icon.




6. Click on the Saved Filters dropdown box at the top left of the screen to access the filters you saved.



7. Select the filter name you had entered while saving the filter.



Congratulations! The results are displayed based on the saved filter you have selected.



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