Advanced Filters allow you to filter data by creating complex queries. You can use any combination of FHWA fields, agency fields, elements, or defects inside the advanced filter. 

For example, you can filter for all concrete and concrete-continuous multi-girder bridges that are state-owned and built after 1960.

The option to apply advanced filters is available in all management sections (Inventory, Schedule, Inspection, and Maintenance).


1. To open the Advanced Filter window, click on the Filter button just below the Settings gear-shaped icon at the top right of the screen. 



2. Add the fields that you want to include in the query by clicking on them on the left sidebar. You can either use the scroll bar to find the correct field, or use the search bar on top to type in the name of the field. For this example, we will add the following fields to the query:  “Owner”, “43A”, “43B”, and ”Year Built”.



3. Once your desired fields are added to the query, you can choose the right operator from the dropdown and the values on the right box.





4. If you need to remove a field from the query, you can click on the cross icon corresponding to that field row. 



5. Once you are done, click on the Search button to apply this query on the data.



There you go! The results will now be reflected on the screen based on the advanced filters you have applied.


Note: You can click on the Filter button to view the complex query applied and modify it as per your needs.

To clear all filters (from filter row and advanced filter), click on the Clear Filter button beside the Save icon.



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  • Toan Nguyen

    Is there a way to filter using multiple criteria on the same field for texts and numbers? I know you can do it with drop down as that is automatic but how do we do the same for texts?


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