The batch update functionality is only available for admin users. Follow these steps to batch update asset level data:

  1. Click on Admin Settings

  2. Click on Inspection Monitoring. It will direct you to a new page.

  3. Click on Automation Tasks

  4. Select the Asset Type you would like to batch update

  5. Click on Create New

  6. Fill out the pop-up form
    • Fill out the task display name
    • Enter email(s) to be notified when the task is complete
    • Upload an Excel File

  7. Click Submit

  8. The task will run in the background. 

  9. Once the task is complete, you will receive an email notification. You can download the output file by clicking on the hyperlink. This will tell you which structure was successful or failed.

Excel File Must Follow These Rules:

  • {Structure Number Attribute Id} is a required column.
  • {Attribute Id #1} is also a required column. You must batch update at least 1 attribute.
  • {Attribute Id #2...3...4...} are optional. You can batch update multiple attributes at once.

To properly identify the Attribute ID, you must go to Admin Settings -> Attributes. It is optional to use the display name of the attribute. Take Structure Number for example, you can use '8' or '8 - Structure Number', same rule applies to the remaining attributes.

You can batch update the following attribute types:

  • String - Must meet the character limit or it will be skipped.
  • Numeric - Must meet the min/max as well as the decimal placement or it will be skipped.
  • Integer - Must meet the min/max and no decimals or it will be skipped
  • Lookup - Must use the lookup code not the lookup value. You can find the lookup code in Admin Settings -> Attributes -> Edit Parameter. Take Item 22 - Owner for example, enter the value '1' for State Highway Agency. Do not use '1 - State Highway Agency'.


Important Disclaimer

  • ALWAYS run the batch update operation in the test site before proceeding to the production site. After the update, verify the data to make sure it is correct. This is a powerful feature but it could also mess up your production data if not careful.
  • This batch update will not trigger any of the integration services such as:
    • BrM Migrations
    • Alerts
    • Auto Rescheduler



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