From time to time, you will get a sync error when you try to upload inspection data from your tablet. Be rest assured, your data will be safe. InspectX has different fail safe features built-in to prevent data loss. We also have diagnostic tools that notify us in real-time when a sync has failure. A customer support agent will reach out to help you resolve the sync error.



The sync failed due to a bad connection
While out in the field, the network connection can be spotty at times. The sync will fail when the connection drops. Once you can get to a more reliable connection, try syncing again.

If it fails again instantly, a customer service agent will contact you shortly to resolve the issue. You can also send an email to if it is an urgent matter.

The sync timed out

When uploading an inspection with a large amount of photos, the sync may eventually time out after a while. Do not worry. Our diagnostic capabilities can track these issues and notify us. We can restart the sync from our side without you having to do anything. A customer service agent will reach out to you shortly to notify you the sync status. If the issue is urgent, you can send an email to


The inspection is no longer in "In-Progress" status

When there are multiple people working on the same inspection, miscommunication can happen. Someone could have accidentally deleted the inspection or submitted the inspection for review before you could upload your data. This will cause the sync to fail.


If the inspection is submitted for review by mistake, ask the reviewer to reject the inspection so you can resume sync.

If the inspection is deleted by mistake, contact the support team at, and an agent will help you resolve it.




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