1. Click on Admin Settings


  2. Click on the Elements Section.


  3. Click on the Elements tab on the top.


  4. Click on the Add Element button at the top right corner.


  5. Fill out the Add Element Form


    Element Number
    Provide an unique number for the element.

    Name Name
    Provide a display name for the element.

    Element Classification
    National Bridge Element (NBE) - Primary structural elements of bridges 

    Bridge Management Element (BME) - Elements typically managed by agencies utilizing Bridge Management Systems (BMS). Examples are joints, approach slabs, wearing surfaces and protective systems.

    Agency Defined Element (ADE) - Independent agency defined elements without ties to the AASHTO Manual Elements

    Element Category
    Select which bridge category the element belongs to.

    Element Material
    Select the material corresponding to the element.

    Element Unit
    Select from Linear Feet (LF), Square Feet (SF) or Each (EA).

    Weight Factor (optional)
    Provide the corresponding weight factor used to calculate towards any health indices.

    Element Description
    Provide a brief description about the element.

  6. Click Finish to create the element.



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