Why you would need to un-approve an inspection?

There might be situations when inspections need to be re-approved. Some common scenarios are:

  • Inspection data does not reflect on the asset page

  • Inspector approved the inspection before waiting for inspection to be synced from the App

  • Inspector needs to make more changes to the previously approved inspection

In inspectX Multi-Asset, users will be able to un-approve any approved inspections to make the necessary corrections without having to a Data Correction inspection or involve the Bridge Intelligence Team. This is an optional feature that can be enabled for inspectX clients.


How to un-approve and re-approve an inspection?

  1. Access the Asset Page by using Jump to Structure.


  2. Click on the Inspection Tab on the top.

  3. Choose an inspection from the Approved Inspections section and click on Select Operation


  4. Click on the Un-Approve option 

  5.  When an inspection is un-approved, the inspection status will go from 'Approved' back to 'In-Progress'. 


  6. Click on Select Operations and click on Inspect to edit the inspection.


  7. Once changes are finalized, re-submit and re-approve the inspection.


There's an ongoing inspection

If there is already an inspection in the Scheduled Inspections section, the changes made from the re-approval process will not be copied to the scheduled or in-progress inspection. You either have to reschedule the inspection or apply the same changes to the in-progress inspection.


Unapproving multiple approved inspections

Let's say you want to correct a mistake in the past 3 approved inspections. You have to un-approve and re-approve the inspections in order from OLDEST to NEWEST. The data from the last approved inspection is what gets copied to the bridge level. You want to make sure that it is the latest (newest) inspection.

Changing Inspection Type

Let's say you accidentally assigned a wrong inspection type and want to correct it. You can un-approve the inspection then edit the schedule to reassign the correct inspection type. However, please note that the wrong inspection type will still have the inspection date. You need to contact admin to clear out the inspection date.



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