Web Application

If the inspectX URL is not whitelisted by the user's IT, inspectX will automatically direct the user to the Activation Code as the main landing page. No matter what activation code the user inputs, it would fail in the backend inspectXAPI URL.


IT should whitelist inspectX URLs in the firewall.
They can either white list the following URLs:
  • *.inspectx.app
  • *.biprod.cloud
  • *.bitest.cloud
Or if they prefer not to whitelist the whole domain, they should whitelist the following six URLs:
  • https://adminx-activationportal.biprod.cloud
  • https://bi-supportx-activationportal.biprod.cloud
  • https://[XXXX]-loginx.bitest.cloud
  • https://[XXXX]-apps.bitest.cloud
  • https://[XXXX]-ixmultiasset-apis.bitest.cloud/
  • https://[XXXX]-ixmultiasset.bitest.cloud


Tablet Application

If the app is blocked by the firewall and IT has configured Intune, IT can perform the following actions to whitelist the mobile application:

  1. Within Intune, navigate to the app protection policy
  2. Click Edit next to Apps
  3. In the public apps section, add the inspectX mobile application.


Possible Screen Errors:



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