Once added to working set, do not make changes from the web

Once an inspection is downloaded to the working set, avoid making any changes from the web. All changes should be done through the app until the inspection is uploaded. This prevents any sync conflicts. If you must make change changes from the web, re-download the inspection to the working set to capture all the changes in the app.


Do not sign into multiple devices with the same account

Each user should only collect data with one device. If you are logged into multiple devices and downloaded the same inspection. The system will automatically detect this and only allow sync from the last device you logged into. The sync would fail for other devices. If you happened to collect data in multiple devices, email support at support@inspectx.app and the team will help you recover the data.


Multiple inspectors working in the same inspection

When there are multiple inspectors collecting data for the same inspection, you should coordinate with the other inspector(s) and avoid any overlapping of attributes/elements/defects/maintenances. For example, Inspector 1 added a comment for Item 58 Deck. Inspector 2 also added a photo for Item 58 Deck. Inspector 1 synced first then Inspector 2 synced second. Inspector 2's photo would overwrite the note Inspector 1 added for Item 58 Deck.

If one inspector is responsible for collecting photos and the other is responsible for collecting comments, it is recommended that photos should be left 'Unassigned' in the Photolog until both syncs are complete to avoid any overlaps.


Deleting old photos when working with another inspector(s)

One option is to delete the photos from the web before downloading the inspection to working set. Another option is to dedicate only one inspector to delete old photos in the field. This person should always sync last to prevent any sync failures. Let's say both inspectors deleted the old photos, the person synced last would get a sync failure because the photos they are trying to delete no longer exist. Do not worry when this happens, the rest of the inspection data should be uploaded without any issues. Someone from the support team will email the inspection team to notify them the cause of failure.


You just got a sync error, what should you do?

  1. Do not panic.
  2. Try syncing again. When you have a bad connection, the sync can timeout and it can be restarted.
  3. If you get a sync error again, email support at support@inspectx.app with the error reference code.
  4. Wait for support to get back to you.
  5. The team will respond within 24 hours, usually within 1-2 hour. The customer support team can monitor all syncs failures internally. Most of the time, they will reach out to you before you do.






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